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They 7-0 Iowa Hawkeyes should be well rested and ranked in the Top 15. Win this game to go 8-0 and very near the Top 10.
This is going to be a tough game for the likely Top 20 Iowa Hawkeyes, boyz. Injuries all over the field to some of the best players and the Offensive Line is in shambles with 3 starters possibly out.
Should be ranked around #22 with a chance to go 6-0 at Kinnick for Homecoming. Still a lot of injuries to work through with Tevaun Smith out and likely Boone Myers. Illinois is pretty bad against the pass and run, but they have a good QB.
Iowa has a chance to go 5-0, beat Wisconsin and be ranked in the Top 25. Time to wash away the debacle of 2010 and get a win.
I make the official threads around here, bitches. Time to welcome Dan McCarney home with a curb stomping.