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Sounds like legislature is gonna ram this through. What's Branstad's position on this? Will he sign it?
It's never enough. If the Governor gave them 6%, the ISEA and the Democrats would be screaming for 10%.

El Rushbo spent half his show yesterday talking about how great Scott Walker was at the Freedom Summit. Came pretty close to endorsing him (but didn’t). Which, by the way, doesn’t really matter. It’s like David Brooks (iirc) once said about Rush’s ability to galvanize voters: “Rush can’t even deliver a pizza”.

But anyway, I watched the whole 23 minute speech. Walker with his sleeves rolled up, and gave a decent speech. Much better than Rick Perry – Perry was a spaz and tried to hard. But Walker … I dunno. The reality is, he’s kind of a boring guy, and fairly underwhelming as a speaker. IMHO, some of these rising stars turn out to be better as a concept than in reality.

Plus, he has this annoying habit, which is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I’m not usually a grammar cop, but “my parents raised my brother and I” and “all the support you gave to Tonette and I”, etc. He prolly made that mistake about 4-5 times in a 23 minute speech. Now, granted, maybe it bugs me more than most, but I do think it reinforces this notion that Walker is an uneducated guy w/o a college degree.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT one of these “I won’t vote for another RINO” or “I won’t vote for a wack job con” etc. I will vote for whomever the repubs put up against Hill. I just want the best one. Just not convinced Walker has the personality, the money, the charm, or whatever. He seems like a local Wisky thing to me.

I’m really thinking Jeb or Rubio right now. And I think if given a third chance, maybe Mitt could do something with it, but he’d be my third
This should really boost the economy...
Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/01/barack-obama-tax-plan-114367.html#ixzz3PHhwReBr
This will be an interesting match up, especially without Jackson. Even though Iowa lost twice last year, Fran seems to have Bo's number and he has either beat them or kept it very close. It took some technicals, McCabe and a collapse at home to lose to them both times last year. Fran's record at Iowa....

2010-2011 - 62-59 overtime loss against #13 ranked Wisconsin with a bad 11 win team
2011-2012 - 72-65 Win @ #11 Wisconsin and 67-66 Win at home against #16 Wisconsin
2012-2013- 70-66 Win at home and 74-70 2 OT loss @ Wisconsin
2013-2014 - 75-71 loss @ #4 Wisconsin and 79-74 loss at home to #16 Wisconson

Iowa guards can actually hang athletically with Wisconsin, so the most important thing will be who guards Hayes and how much Iowa can push the pace in this game. Kaminsky does not like playing against Woodbury.

Hope that Uthoff bounces back and doesn't play like a pussy and Iowa can run on them.
This is another huge game for Iowa at home on ESPN with a chance to look good on the national stage, but unfortunately that hasn't gone well when they are at home.

Iowa hasn't done well in these games lately. Lost to Michigan State, Iowa State this year and Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan State last year. The only game they won was the Saturday game against Michigan last year, so the record 1-5 in these high profile home games.

They have a great opportunity to turn that around in the next couple weeks. Ohio State this Saturday on ESPN, Wisconsin 2 weeks later on ESPN and then Maryland the following Sunday on BTN. Need to win at least 1 of these and should have a great shot at winning 2 of them.

Ohio State should be a lot different, perhaps completely different as they are playing mostly man defense and doing much better. They have been blowing teams out at home but still struggling on the road.
The start of a ridiculous stretch is here, boyz. A road game against a wounded and desperate Minnesota team on a cold weekday night is the "easiest" game in the next 3 weeks.

Minnesota is likely due for a win after starting the Big Ten 0-4 with 3 games on the road. They lost by 4 at Purdue, by 2 in Overtime against Ohio State and by 5 on the road at Michigan.

For whatever reason, that University and crowd hate Iowa more than any other school at this point, so add that into the desperation and they will be fired up. White should have a huge bounce back game and Uthoff might thrive as well.

Iowa really needs to win this game, because the 3 weeks after they have arguably the worst schedule in the entire country with games against Ohio State, @Wisconsin, @Purdue, Wisconsin, @Michigan, and Maryland at home.